About HeirloomWords LLC and Amy

Amy Paul is the President of HeirloomWords LLC. She enjoys working with people to help them gain more meaning and satisfaction in their lives. She can patiently guide you in developing your Legacy Letter. You can write it yourself with her assistance, you can record your oral thoughts in an interview with Amy or, if you prefer, she will transcribe your oral thoughts into a written piece for distribution. She can craft a different Legacy Letter for different people in your life or develop one document for your entire family and friends. She has seen the many benefits of a Legacy Letter in her own family. As a result, she believes writing a Legacy Letter offers a healing and healthful opportunity for its participants and becomes a valuable keepsake for all families.

Amy is a former corporate attorney, admitted to the NYS Bar. After working as an attorney for nearly 15 years she switched careers to work in the non-profit world. Her recent background includes serving as the Executive Director of two non-profit organizations which each assisted older individuals, one in Westchester and one in NYC. She has also worked as a successful grant writer and provided strategic counseling for several area non-profit organizations. In addition to being an attorney she has earned a Geriatric Scholar Certificate from the Consortium of NY Geriatric Education Centers, and trained as a Mediator. Amy has been devoted to community improvement projects all her life.